“Just a few of our featured items on our vast menu”




“Great big, fresh delicious sandwiches. Also offers pizza, burgers and breakfast burritos. Fresh homemade cookies and canolies. Friendly staff, very clean, modern dining area. Free wifi, tv if you want.”
Kevin W.

“Everything I’ve tried so far has been delicious! Super friendly staff, very family oriented and LE friendly! The prices are fair and I am absolutely thrilled to be putting my money into the pockets of a family, rather than a corporate giant. Thanks Cafe’ B!”
Tracie K.

“We live near by, easy to order over the phone and the order is correct very time. We have ordered in the past from Pizza, cheeseburgers, cold cut sandwiches and coffee at times.”
Jose B.

“I stopped here for lunch and had their Patty Melt…it was delicious! What a treat…artisan bread, grilled onions, tasty cheese and a perfectly cooked beef patty. Yum! The staff here is always very courteous and efficient.”
Karen G.

“I’m giving these stars to the pizza…the supreme is really good and the philly cheese is even better(I love their ranch and that is what they use for the white sauce).”
Ashley C.

“Prices are cheaper than average for San Diego, but probably just right for the back country.”
Mark H.

“Also the locals in the Cafe were friendly and engaging.”

Jeffrey H.

“We heard about Cafe B and planned to try it out last Sunday. They are CLOSED on Sundays. Went back Tuesday for dinner and it was definitely worth the trip!”

Bella D.